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In the Archive

Happy days at the Eni holiday camps

The children of Eni employees were offered special holidays in Cesenatico and Borca di Cadore

Travel stories

The discovery, the surprise, the memories. When we think about travel, we truly realise how much the action of describing it inseparably precedes it, accompanies it and follows it at all times.

Our house organs

Like any self-respecting large company, just after it was first incorporated Eni decided to provide itself with an internal communication tool: "the house organ".

Modern Italy: the birth of service stations

In the first half of the 1950s, Italian roads witnessed an important aesthetic change, with the onset of service stations.

Searching energy, finding culture

Italy after the Second World War is country poor in resources, Enrico Mattei realized that the main lever is energy independence.

Villa Montecucco: stories of land and title

From family vineyards and land bequeathed through succession, a cardinal's strong determination sees a large property and new residence built on the lake

Passion for research

In a company where research is the foundation of its business, the word researcher takes on almost a sacred meaning But there are many similarities between those looking for energy and those trying to reconstruct history, and they are linked by a common denominator, passion.

School in the archive

A historical archive isn't a static location where documents from a distant past pile up. It's a space with great dynamic potential if you see and use it as a laboratory. For three years now, we've been welcoming secondary school students.

The real story behind the six-legged dog

A new logo for a new company

The story of the six-legged dog has been told in so many ways.Whatever the truth of the matter, let's try to put in order what we know for sure.

From the archive to the future

In Archive

Digitising the archive documents that are part of Eni's heritage, balancing respect for the sources and the information technology needed to optimise work flow and solve problems.

Mattei's Epiphany

Every new year, on the feast of the Epiphany, wonderful toys were given to the children of workers in the Eni group.

Unpublished shots of Mattei in Somalia

In Archive

The beauty and vitality of history lies in the unexpected details that fill in and enrich each day. The latest glittering piece in the mosaic that is our archive is the unpublished photographs of Enrico Mattei in Somalia. These were sent in by an Eni worker, Michele Ciccone, whose father, a carabiniere, was the outstanding photographer behind them

Keeping the memory alive

In Archive

April 2006. After over 10 years of research, surveying and writing, and notification of interest from the Superintendent for the Archives of Lazio, Eni unveils its own historical archives.