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School in the archive

Editorial Staff

03 April 2020

Students and company

Eni has offered Roman schools an activity which takes place entirely within the Historical Archive to take advantage of school-work alternation, which has driven Italian schools to seek collaboration with businesses. The agreements on offer allowed young people a recognised 24-hour period, out of a total of 90-210 required depending on the type of school. They also helped to give the students an insight into the company made up of deadlines to meet, project management and conduct and skills not familiar to the educational world in general.

News and sources: a recipe for taking on fake news

In the course of their week at the Historical Archive, students are presented with two different kinds of learning, cooperative learning and debate. Both involve being divided into groups, which are assigned topics. For example, based on the premise that one of our top managers is taking a trip to one of the countries where Eni is present, the students are asked to prepare a note with all the historical information concerning Eni's presence in the country. The students are encouraged to find information through research tools, select it and edit it into a brief, direct form. To do this, it's essential to choose your source well, investigate it - not stopping at the title alone - and compare the information with that found in other sources.

"The students are encouraged to find information through research tools"

Young people and history

History is usually a subject that holds little appeal for our students. The idea of having to deal with and memorise dates, events and information that don't seem relevant today may contribute to this. The Eni Historical Archive has attempted to face this negative attitude head on by offering young people a different perspective. The possibility of looking at the sources directly, to give shape to a historical event through original documents, photos and footage allowed the students to "enter history" and play a leading role in reconstructing and interpreting events.

" Enter history and play a leading role in reconstructing and interpreting events"

Are the young people ready to work for a company?

One of the project's main aims is to complete theoretical education at school with more practical skills that help to bring students closer to the world of work. Understanding the importance of teamwork, sticking to the rules, good timekeeping, the target to meet and how work is organised becomes the real value added in this activity. By the end of the project, the students have taken a step forward in perceiving their personal qualities and transferable skills, which are essential to personal fulfilment and planning their career.

"Understanding the importance of teamwork, sticking to the rules, good timekeeping"

From students to teachers

At the end of the week, each group has to present their work to a panel of experts. Theory and practical exercises on communication and public speaking take place in preparation for this event. Students then have to handle the emotions that can arise in a situation like this. This process often allows students to discover a hidden talent and put in a great performance, which isn't always reflected in their academic performance.