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Published articles

The company's most important past magazines, 'Il Gatto Selvatico' and 'Ecos', are available. There are 319 issues in total dedicated to employees, but also covering other areas. They can be read in digital format and can be searched in a great variety of ways down to the smallest detail of the individual terms used. This is a wealth of original stories, reports, columns, news and images covering the activities, evolution and success of Eni from 1955 to 2002, with a constant eye on the cultural, political, social and energy contexts of the time, in Italy and the wider world.

Il Gatto Selvatico 1955 - 1965


articles published in Il Gatto Selvatico

The first issue of Il Gatto Selvatico came out in July 1955, the Eni house organ that Enrico Mattei was eager to establish and which was entrusted to editor and poet Attilio Bertolucci.

Ecos 1972 - 2002


articles published in Ecos

'Ecos' was established in 1972 following an idea by Gianna Rocca, the head of the press office under chairman Raffaele Girotti. It too involved collaboration from leading figures in Italian literature, including Primo Levi, Alberto Bevilacqua, Giorgio Saviane and Roberto Vacca and great illustrators and photographers like Carla Accardi, Giovanni Hajnal, Lucio Castagneri, Francesco Manzini, Emilio Tadini and Giovanni Tinelli.