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1972 - 2002


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'Ecos' was established in 1972 following an idea by Gianna Rocca, the head of the press office under chairman Raffaele Girotti. It too involved collaboration from leading figures in Italian literature, including Primo Levi, Alberto Bevilacqua, Giorgio Saviane and Roberto Vacca and great illustrators and photographers like Carla Accardi, Giovanni Hajnal, Lucio Castagneri, Francesco Manzini, Emilio Tadini and Giovanni Tinelli. Inspired by the same philosophy as 'Il Gatto Selvatico', its name was chosen because it was short and easy to remember. It referred to the 'E' of 'Eni' and 'energy', but also the words 'economy' and 'ecology'. It was published in Italian and English, with an average of a hundred pages per issue. 'Ecos' came out every two months and was distributed free of charge to group employees and figures in politics, finance, culture and journalism in Italy and abroad. It was conceived as a means of internal communication, but also aimed to illustrate the group's activities in Italy and abroad and to establish contact with distant countries. Over its 30-year existence, hundreds of reports were produced all over the world, all translated into different languages. 'Ecos' was the first western company magazine to produce and distribute special editions in Chinese, Kazakh and Cyrillic in China. The magazine closed in 2002, thirty years after the first issue, and was replaced by 'Eni’s way Magazine'.

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