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Service stations and motels

In 1952, the Agip distribution network was made up of just over a thousand modest pump islands and metal or masonry kiosks. Enrico Mattei decided to transform the look of these sales points and increase their number, combining this with a competition to create the logo for Supercortemaggiore petrol. Not long after, the black and red six-legged dog on its yellow background could be seen on roads everywhere in Italy. The project for the new stations was entrusted to architect Mario Bacciocchi, who designed no less than 13 types. The largest stations included a car wash, a repair shop, toilets, a shop, a café and a motel. In the most productive periods, no less than 400 stations a year were being built. In 1962, the Agip fuel distribution network was the most modern in Europe. This collection comprises the best snapshots by famous photographers like Federico Patellani and Aldo Ballo, who carefully and precisely interpreted how the Italian way of life and the well-being of its citizens changed during the economic boom years