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The document archive results from long and complex searching, selecting and ordering of cards, making it possible to reconstruct the history of Eni and its companies, the oil industry and Italian energy policy. The stored documents date back to the first years of the 20th century and are gradually increasing in number as Eni's Historical Archive takes on the material no longer in use in the company. All documents which were created over 30 years ago can be freely accessed. The cards provide detailed descriptions and can be reproduced for study and research purposes.

The Eni fonds includes the cards of the secretaries of the company's chairman starting from Enrico Mattei, all the company books, the financial statements of Eni and its companies, the material produced by the various company departments, and in particular by Foreign Management, External Relations Management, Company Secretariat and Staff and Planning Management.

The Agip fonds holds all documentation on Agip and its subsidiaries and partners. In particular, as well as the company books and accounts, there's a description of the cards on exploration, exploitation and production of hydrocarbons in Italy and abroad, right from the beginnings of the search for oil undertaken by companies on behalf of the state.

The fonds relates to Eni's public companies and subsidiaries, such as Spi, Aipa, Sicea, Tescon and Gepi. Moreover, the fonds contains the documentation on Asap, the petrol company trade union association founded in 1957 by Enrico Mattei to manage industrial relations with workers in the companies of the energy sector.

The Personal Archives fonds holds the cards of those who have donated their archive or a part of it to Eni's Historical Archive. This mostly means the cards of pioneers who have worked at or on behalf of Eni, in Italy and abroad, and dealt with activities connected to the world of oil.

The other sources fonds holds descriptions of the photocopied and/or digital cards that come from other archives (Italian and otherwise) and have been collected and stored by Eni's Historical Archive to complete its heritage of documentation. The material permits more in-depth exploration of themes and events linked to Eni's history.

The Snam fonds is made up of all the documentation on Snam and its subsidiaries and partners. In particular, as well as the company books, the fonds contains the cards that enable reconstruction of the history of Italian methanisation, with the building of methane pipelines and marketing and distribution of natural gas.

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